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How bright is the lighting?

Bright enough to hurt your eyes if standing close to the house, but it is adjustable. See 100% power picture below

Is the installation really permanent?

Yes and No, we provide free take-down if requested.

What does the app look like?

The app is called LED Hue.

See screenshot below :)

Do I need to provide power?

Yes. The lighting needs to be plugged in just like Christmas lights. We can recommend an electrician if a more discreet permanent power source is wanted.

What does the controller look like?

See below :)

I don't want app control. Can I get a remote controller with larger packages?

Absolutely. Just let us know in your email order.

Will there be any visible wiring on my house?

If you are lighting separate eaves, we will need to run wiring in between them to keep them powered and in sync. Besides that, all wiring is flat against the inside of the eaves.


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